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Finish Strong–The Beginning

October 29, 2012

My good friend Joyce Stevens lives with her lovely family in AZ…unfortunately for those of us here in Texas!  She used to live in our area and teach aerobics and fitness classes, of which I’ve participated in many.  Let me just say that then, she had a kick-ass workout.  Now, I think her workouts are kick-ass+!  Is it because I’m older? 

I got to see Joyce and Ron last week, for the first time in about 12 years, and she introduced me to her personal training workout.  It’s got a lot of cross-fit, P90x, muscle confusion components.  I will be following her, and her band of fitness-crazed followers (not a bad thing!) via her blog @  Today is day 1.  Will I be able to follow her consistently?  Only time will tell.  Perhaps along the way I’ll show her how to get her blog pointed to  Smile

  1. 45 minutes @ THR 137 elliptical
  2. 20 perfect push-ups
  3. 20 lunges w/weights
  4. 20 sit-ups upside down on the inversion tableimage
  5. Repeat 2, 3 and 4 three times until I was exhausted

For those in the Phoenix area, you can contact Joyce via her web site, Inside-Out Performance Training.