Post Election Day Workout

Even if I don’t post every day, I am probably still doing some type of early morning workout…even after staying up until 1:30 a.m. the day following election day.

Today I found my arms were not quite so sore from doing pull-ups last week (yes, it took about 4 days for most of the pain to subside) so I added some more into my WOD.  In the meantime, I’ve been pushing it hard on the elliptical and working on the core on my inversion table.

And yesterday I attempting “jumping the rope.”  Klutz!  But I did eek out about 40 or 50 while stumbling all over myself.

This morning was a “Russell” circuit.  3 reps.

  • 2 minutes on the incline trainer – 4mph @ 18 degrees incline
  • image
  • 20 squatting presses with additional weight on the pilates machine
  • image
  • 15 perfect pushups
  • 15 upside down sit-ups on the inversion table
  • image
  • 7 jumping pull-ups
  • 20 lunges with 16lbs of weight
  • 20 “throwing the 10lb medicine ball” leg lifts
  • image

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