Day 3…and I’m Sore!

It is now Wednesday, day 3 of my “new” work out regimen.  All I can say is my body is sore…in a good way.  I’m really feeling it in my pectoral muscles and my glutes.  

Here’s Joyce’s workout of the day from Tuesday.  I had to modify it quite a bit because

A.  I’m just starting
B.  I don’t have all my equipment yet

I basically did a lot of box jumps (or at least what I think are box jumps), kettle ball swings (with my normal weights), knees to elbows and some upside down sit-ups on the inversion table.  Of course, I didn’t forget some perfect push-ups as well.

Tuesday night I made a medicine ball.  I used a $6 rubber basketball (Wal-mart), some play sand and a couple of tire plugs.  Filled it up with a small funnel (already had from Harbor Freight) and plugged the two holes I made (one to let air escape) with tire plugs. 


I used it this morning, Wednesday, for slamming (on the grass outside) and wall throws (coming down to a sitting position after catching the ball).  Okay…10 or 15 of each were all I could stand for the first time.  Perhaps I made the ball too heavy?

This weekend I’ll see if I can get a chin-up bar in place.


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