eBay Charges Final Value Fee on Shipping? Really?

I was reviewing my eBay charges and found that eBay charges a final value fee on shipping charges?  Really?  I guess that’s their way of preventing artificially low prices on items and high shipping charges to avoid final value fees on the item itself. 

I’m going to continue to tone down my eBay usage and work on Craigslist, Webstore and Blujay more.  Screw eBay.  There are plenty of other alternatives.


One Response to “eBay Charges Final Value Fee on Shipping? Really?”

  1. Larry Says:

    Russell, you posted a repair to an aqua rite pool circuit board struck by lightning some time ago. I have a board in which Hayward says the relay(s) sending the cell reading are bad. In your pictures I see the two big brown cans….are those the relays? I have an old spare board that was still working with the same values and would just like to replace if those are the relays.

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