Installing Internet Explorer 9 Breaks SharedView

Hey Microsoft!  When you fix IE9 so it doesn’t break SharedView I’ll install it…again.  Even though I’ve installed IE9 on multiple computers and servers, I haven’t found any real compelling reason to install IE9.  All of the “compelling” reasons to install it make very little difference once it breaks something else. 

Is it faster?  Not really noticeable on my 2.5Ghz dual core notebook.  I’d be better off getting an SSD.  Is it more standards compliant?  I guess so, but it has hung on my so many times that doesn’t really matter.  Does it work with SharePoint any better?  Not that I’ve found…especially when you factor in all the times it has hung on me.

I will give them kudos for making the uninstall uneventful.  I guess they really want to push more people to FireFox…


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