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FDIC – Throwback Management?

September 23, 2010

I know a person who works as a contractor for the FDIC.  They have some real “progressive” rules for contractors.  I’ve been told that, if you are a contractor for the FDIC, you can’t leave anything on your desk at the end of the day.  You can’t attend any staff meetings, parties, celebrations, outings, etc.  An FDIC employee cannot buy you a meal.  But here’s the kicker…you are not allowed to have coffee or any other items from the break room.  Gee, didn’t we go through something similar to this in the 60’s?  I guess, as a contractor, you are a “non-person.”  This is our government at work…party on at Capitol Hill, but cut off the coffee for the worker class. 

I guess the FDIC can pour out billions to save banks run by ill-equipped bankers but can’t spare a dime for a cup of coffee.  From what I’ve read the FDIC was intended to be a “temporary” government corporation created by FDR.  Another example of the re-defining of a word by the federal government. 

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